SAAL Spiral Bound Photo Booklet.

Perfect for portfolios.
I have had the opportunity to review a spiral-bound Photo Book containing many of my images, supplied by Saal Digital. I received a 18cm by 12.5cm book and the quality is nothing short of excellent.

Before ordering anything from the site, you have to download the free digital software which allows you to then design everything from books to prints. Having already created a photo book with their software in the past, the ease of the creation is very straightforward. The user interface is simple to navigate and there are templates to help you if you are creating something complex. Even though some files was over 20mb, they uploaded in seconds.

Dispatch was within 24 hours and it was couriered to my 48 hours later. It came very well packed, protecting it safely in transit

The images are very crisply printed with true colour representation. Tones and shading are brilliantly captured, giving the images almost a 3D perspective, showing once again the quality of the printing company and their products. It could easily be used as a portfolio booklet and I have done just that in the week I have had it, showing prospective clients my work. It has been well received as a conduit of my work and has won 2 large sales. :)

The one piece of advice I would give to other customers to ensure complete perfection would be to think carefully about the images you are uploading. Several of my images place the cockpit in the centre of the image. This meant that several of my images had the spiral binding where the pilot (focal point) was. However, the spiral binding can be looked through to the point of you not seeing it is there and the print can then be viewed in it's entirity.

Overall, I would highly recommend Saal Digital. They keep you updated with the production and delivery, which is always handy if you are producing items to a deadline (or for a time-conscious customer). They are a professional company that produce a high-quality item to my (and my customers) exacting high standards.

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