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When you need black to be black! Direct printing onto Alu Dibond.
I have had the opportunity to review an Zor-Alu print of one of my images, supplied by I am always a bit wary of getting my images printed by someone else as I take great care with printing my own images for customers the highest professional standards and I was not disappointed here. I received a 30 by 45cm print and the quality is very good indeed.

Originally developed in 1992 for use as large outdoor display signs, the 3mm Dibond is made up from two 3mm thick sheets of aluminium sandwiching a low density polyethylene core with makes it strong yet light. Sizes range from 20 x 30cm up to 80 by 120cm so they have a size to suit everyone. The printing is of a quality that they are deemed safe to exhibit both indoors and outdoors due to them being water resistant, rust resistant and fade proof allowing them to last the test of time! Shipping is within 1-2 working days, giving a good quick turnaround if you are working to a deadline.

Their website is full of hints and tips, including an excellent tutorial about how to prepare your Instagram images for printing, containing some great do’s and don’ts! The process of ordering is as simple as uploading your image, selecting your size, and paying. Other material options are printing on PVC and acrylic glass.

The black in this Vulcan XH558 image, ‘Wet launch from RAF Waddington’ taken from my ‘AVRO Vulcan XH558’ gallery on here, is critical to the success of the finished product. Some prints I have received from elsewhere have been a bit grey or too light but the black here is perfect. The overall matt effect of the printing enhances the image as well, reducing the image intensity in line with the intention of not making it reflect light, losing the image itself. The last thing you want is the huge white glare of a reflection meaning that no-one can see your image in direct sunlight.

Overall, I would highly recommend Zor to my clients who wish to buy digital e-prints from me to print out themselves. They keep you updated with the production and delivery, which is always handy if you are producing items to a deadline (or for a time-conscious customer). They are a professional company that will produce a high-quality item to my (and my customers) exacting high standards.

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