SAAL Digital Photobook.

A non-biased review of the Saal Digital Photobook and design software available from their site.
As a photographer who has to, by the nature of the job, carry a portfolio of my work to show prospective clients, from individuals to galleries, I was looking for a quality printing firm to produce a book for me. Whilst researching different companies a suggestion popped up as an advertisement Facebook that sounded almost too good to be true. Saal Digital were looking for people in the photographic business to review their photobooks in return for a £40 voucher to spend towards payment for their photobook. This seemed like an opportunity not to miss so I e-mailed them and was sent back a code.

Designing the photobook was easy as it is all done online. You simply download their software programme and then upload the images and place them where you would like in the book in the order you want. There are some pre-designed pages or you can begin from nothing. You can add text, formatting as required. All in all, a very simple and straightforward process.

It was ordered on a Friday night and was delivered from Germany to Lincolnshire by Thursday lunchtime - very impressive indeed! A worry I have with quickly printed books, from experiences I've had in the past with other companies that shall remain nameless, is that the quality control is not always there.This was not the case with Saal Digital. The book is immaculate, each page is perfect. The book is 'lay flat' so it can be left open at any page in the book, which I like personally.

I shoot a lot of high-key and low-key images (with either a complete white or black background, sometimes digitally produced) to highlight the actual aircraft being photographed - have a look at my Dark and Light Series galleries for examples. The 'black' and the 'white' must be perfect for the images to work best and this book certainly did not disappoint me.

The total for the 24 page book with an optional padded cover and postage was now, with the £40 discount, only £4.90 which I paid via Paypal.

Once the book is ordered you also get sent a link to share the photobook online with anyone who might be interested including giving the option for other people to buy the book from that link if you wish.

Saal Digital currently offer 15% discount using code on their website In short, I highly recommend their product as a professional looking document that can be displayed and shown off with pride. The design stage has been built to allow almost anyone to produce a beautiful book to exactly their own specifications
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