Bremont DH-88 Comet watch

The Art of Aviation
I was asked by Bremont to photograph their new DH-88 Comet watch prior to it being unveiled and I jumped at the chance! It is, as with all Bremont timepieces, a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

The Bremont 2016 Limited Edition celebrates the astonishing De Havilland DH-88 Comet, Grosvenor House, the aircraft that captured the world’s imagination with a phenomenal record-breaking flight in 1934. Fighting exhaustion and significant mechanical challenges, whilst barely stopping for over three days, two men in their pioneering British racing aircraft won the incredible air-race from England to Australia, covering 11,300 miles in the process.
Constructed ensuring the durability and precision Bremont is renowned for, the timepieces also incorporate original spruce plywood from the undercarriage assembly of this winning aircraft, personalising it through having part of the actual historic aircraft inside it! The aircraft’s story perfectly encapsulates the core values that inspire Bremont.

This invitation to own a small slice of history in every commemorative edition has created a continually rising bar for Bremont who’ve already managed to give collectors what could be described as 'Holy Grails of Aviation': a piece of muslin from the 1903 Wright Flyer, punch card clippings from the Bletchley Park enigma machine, wood and metal bits salvaged from the HMS Victory, and even aluminum from the fuselage of a P-51 back in 2011. Some would say that Bremont bring history alive, others know so as they bring their signature historical artefacts to another work of aviation art.

Photogenic is one way to describe them, but beautiful does not do them justice. The look, twinned with actually having a piece of the aircraft inside the housing means that this could be seen as an investment piece.

It is available in 2 versions: Stainless Steel (£7995 - 282 available) or Rose Gold (£14995 - only 82 available) from Once word spreads about these timepieces, expect them to be harder to track down! Get one reserved whilst you can!

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