AVI-8 AV-4022-09 Lancaster Bomber Watch

Historical beauty
A vintage designed that pays homage to the Lancaster Bombers of World War 2 that it is named after. AVI-8, the manufacturers, have designed a range of watches named after iconic aircraft of the past and this style fits perfectly into their design plan, replicating an aircraft cockpit instrument.

The case, with an edge to it reminiscent or a turbine, exudes heritage inspired sophistication and the sea-grey coloured double-thickness leather strap supplied gives a nice contrast to the parade-gloss black of the case. The case is 44mm in diameter and 10mm deep. Large, but it still looks fine on the wrist. I wouldn't call it a rugged watch (despite it being waterproof to 50m) but it feels solid on the wrist.

Inside this case is a split timing chronograph movement with 3 subdials set above the 6 o’clock position on the face, referencing the bulbous turrets of the Lancaster Bomber. One is a 24 hour rotation, one is 60 seconds and the other is 30 minutes in rotation. The dials, although small, are easy enough to read as they work away keeping time.

The back of the case has a head-on view of a Lancaster imprinted onto it which is a nice touch in the design.

Stark large visible hour index references add legibility, crispness and almost a military sensibility to this exquisite collectable and timepiece from AVI-8.

All in all, it is a watch that you can wear every day, but it is also special enough to wear for more important times... Very nice indeed!

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